Every year since 1983 there has been a survey carried out by The National Centre for Social Research. This is the British Social Attitudes Survey and the last one published was number 36.

Amongst the many aspects of British life that are looked at is that of religious beliefs. The general trend is strongly towards a growth in those with no religious belief, to the point that in 2019 we have now reached a majority of the country who say they are not religious.

When the BSA was started in 1983, the Christian population of the UK was 66% and is now less that 40% in total, with the Church of England dropping to 12% (from 40% in 1983).

One of the key campaigns that we associate with is that of the creation of a secular state and the disestablishment of the Church of England. We want to see a fairer society were everyone is treated equally, regardless of their religious belief (or lack of it). Some people wrongly believe that Secularism is against religious belief, but it is simply putting everyone on the same footing and not giving precedence to any one group.