6th July 2019
Community Tent at Goosnargh and Longridge Show
A successful day in the Community Tent at Goosnargh and Longridge Show. Some good discussions throughout the day with those who wanted to know more about Humanism.
It was clear that when most people had heard of Humanism, it was mainly through Humanist funerals. Several leaflets taken on weddings and funerals, plus one couple interested in a naming ceremony for their child.  
Had the opportunity to also introduce myself to the 2 local High Schools who had an exhibit just behind us. As a School Speaker for Humanists UK, I thought it worthwhile doing a personal introduction rather than an impersonal email. Another person picked up contact details later, so they could pass them on to another school. Hopefully some more contacts will arise from this.  
So after our first “Outreach” event, I am inspired to have another go soon. There is perhaps a chance for 3 or 4 in the summer across Lancashire in 2020 and we will need to research for suitable events.  
Keith – Chair of Lancashire Humanists